Thing 10 – graduate traineeships, Masters degrees, chartership, accreditation

This Thing is about professional qualifications and professional development. As I mentioned in Thing 1, I came into librarianship late in life and it seems that I am one of the few people who took an undergraduate degree in librarianship as I missed out on the whole university thing straight after school. I really enjoyed the degree and would love to go on to do a Masters as I love studying, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford to do it and I’m not sure there is any point from a career point of view.

I think it would be more useful for me to work towards Chartership, and this is something that I intend to do at some point – I’m just waiting for the right time, although I’m sure there will never be enough time! Having looked at what’s involved and attended one of the introductory sessions, I’m still feeling rather confused about how it all works, but one of these days I shall turn my attention to it and get on with it.

Perhaps part of my inability to embark on the process is that chartering is not a requirement of my post and there is no financial incentive to become Chartered. My reasons for Chartering are more to do with personal achievement than career development, and at the moment, that is not enough of an incentive to push myself through the process. I also wonder how much it will help in terms of personal development – I do quite a lot of development activities anyway so I am not entirely convinced what I will gain out of the process other than a few more grey hairs!

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