Thing 13 – Google Docs, Wikis, and Dropbox

Google Docs (or Google Drive as it is apparently now called – I haven’t used it for a while!) I have used this in the past for personal document sharing rather than for work, and have found it very easy to use. At work, I don’t get involved in collaborating on documents very much, and when I have done so, we tend to use email to pass it back and forth, sometimes because the person I’m collaborating with won’t have heard of Google Docs and wouldn’t be very keen to use it, and sometimes just because there aren’t going to be many edits. We also have a shared drive that is generally used for storing documents that others might need to refer to.

Dropbox Now, this is something that I’ll be using at some point I’m sure, because I can see that it could be a very useful way of sending a large file to someone else, or to myself at another location. I have used something similar in the past (YouSendIt, I think it was called), but have long since forgotten my login details, so signing up for Dropbox is very timely.

Wikis I have looked at other people’s wikis, but never added to one or initiated one myself. At the moment, I can’t think of any particular use for one in my work, but it’s certainly something that I will bear in mind should the need arise.


Looking at these collaborative tools has made me realise how little I collaborate with other people at work. Is this because my job doesn’t require much collaboration (I’m a cataloguer and in charge of data quality at my library), or is it that I’m not very good at collaborating? I think this is definitely an area worthy of further reflection, and perhaps finding out how other people doing a similar role to myself collaborate and who they collaborate with.

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